Lab Report: Content Raven - A Simple, Secure Service

Content Raven just released a new version of their Content Control and Analytics service this week. ESG Lab recently tested the new solution an released our findings here. Three things I really like about it:

  • Control of content delivery - Administrators can associate policies to a file that directs who gets access and on how many devices. In addition content can be updated dynamically for users and expired and removed instantly. It's really meant to provide more granular control from a business content delivery perspective, which supports a different business model than typical peer-to-peer file sharing services.
  • It's a service - Yup, all in the cloud. No heavy lifting is involved in getting started, and no client software is required. Yea!!!
  • It's stupid simple to use - As a user, all you have to do is open a web browser and log on to the service. You're content shows up automatically, secured with an encryption key that you activate when you log in. All you have to do is click on the file and enjoy.

Content Raven is sitting in a good spot with their solution as it provides a critical service - access to content - while providing an answer to the key concern for companies moving to the cloud - security.

You should check it out for yourself and see if it fits your needs. Test-driving the solution is easy. I should know, I did it in our testing and it was simple, quick and effective.

Topics: Cybersecurity Enterprise Mobility