LegalTech 2012 Pre-Game: Enterprise E-discovery and Information Governance

Today we examine the terrain for enterprise e-discovery and information governance releases going into LegalTech 2012. My previous posts covered the ../../../../../legaltech-2012-pre-game-service-providers/index.html">e-discovery service provider landscape and ../../../../../legaltech-2012-pre-game-attorney-review-tools/index.html">attorney review software and SaaS. Check back for show-time updates when more announcements go public Monday.

Recent M&A

First, an M&A catch-up. 2011 saw several major deals, and 2012 is off to a good start:

  • Symantec bought LiveOffice this month for about $115m, after buying Clearwell last May for $390m.
  • Autonomy bought Iron Mountain's e-discovery assets in May for $380m, including Stratify, Connected, and Mimosa, followed shortly by HP buying Autonomy in October for $10.3B.

Recent Releases and Announcements:

  • Autonomy recently released three new appliances for e-discovery, search, and archiving built on HP hardware and leveraging Autonomy's Digital Safe private cloud, as well as HP's TRIM Records Management, now IDOL-ized on Autonomy's platform.
  • Clearwell pre-announces predictive coding for attorney review in its e-discovery platform.
  • EMC-SourceOne's Kazeon 4.6 release in Q4 2011 revamped with support for new languages and connectors, plus role-based management to improve user-friendliness.
  • Nuix releases Defensible Deletion, Visual Analytics, and Contract Discovery, as well as its philanthropic offering Proof Finder.
  • Recommind announces 95% growth for the company overall, with record revenue and deal sizes.
  • StoredIQ releases the Defensible Data Deletion solution for the StoredIQ platform, adding to its existing information governance solutions for e-discovery, RM, compliance and storage.
  • Symantec debuts the recently-acquired ../../../../../legaltech-2012-pre-game-enterprise-e-discovery-/" target="_blank">LiveOffice - giving SYMC both the popular Enterprise Vault 10 for on-prem archiving, and a major SaaS archive supporting many data types (not to mention Clearwell).

Trends to Watch

Based on these (and announcements we can't talk about yet), look for these trends at the show:

  • Appliance or Cloud? Yes, please. On-prem immediacy vs. cloud-based capacity, pricing, and infrastructure relief? Users demand both and are getting them, as vendors seek entry-level sales and more potential for growth.
  • Cloud, Cloud, and more Cloud- Private or public. Collecting from it or sending data to it. Inevitable or inconceivable. Look past the hype and controversy for the best ways to leverage the cloud in e-discovery. Brace yourself for collecting from it. Identify fine print to negotiate (or run from) with providers.
  • Defensible Deletion -Nuix and StoredIQ tackle defensible deletion with tools for data indexing, classification, and analysis aimed at actionable engagements and reactive ROI - versus the big names marketing proactive information governance archives, ECM, and RM. A new "Pre-ECA" for Big Data?
  • Usability or Bust - Balancing 1. usability, 2. broad applicability, and 3. complex technical capabilities is an art-form, and also key to attracting a wide customer base in e-discovery. Apps, roles, languages, connectors, transparency - the more support the better. Many players are re-positioning from a channel of service providers to direct enterprise sales, realigning from IT strongholds to legal users, or going global. And any advanced technology must be adequately transparent and court-defensible, raising the stakes.
  • Integration and compatibility - or not - LegalTech is a venue for big marketing splashes, not reading the fine print. But note well that between point tool partnerships, acquisition rationalization, platform expansions, and the never-ending pursuit of "end to end," one size rarely "fits all" in e-discovery.

Consider your requirements carefully and arm yourself with information in exploring options, before and after the show - for example, with ESG's recent Market Landscape Reports on Initial Case Assessment and the Future of Review. As mama said, "You can't hurry love."

Topics: Data Protection Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI