Lenovo ISG Analyst Summit 2022 Wrap-Up!

On June 15-17, Lenovo’s Infrastructure Solutions Group held an analyst summit highlighting the state of the business as well as its future direction. Kirk Skaugen, Executive Vice President Lenovo, President Infrastructure Solutions Group, kicked off the event by discussing the company’s four decades of innovation as well as the current data economy.



In my TechTarget article, I discuss the advances in Lenovo's product and solution strategy, specifically around TruScale as-a-service, hyper-growth in China, modernized software strategies, and the edge. A lot has changed since my last post in April 2021 on Lenovo.

This analyst day provides a lot of insights and direction to where Lenovo is and where they want to go in the market. However, awareness tends to continue to be a problem with Lenovo. They are known as a PC company and all these enterprise level offerings, the sponsorships at Formula 1, and Ducate may only amplify the general brand awareness. Getting the message out that Lenovo is much more than a PC company will be one of the largest challenges.

I am looking forward to where Lenovo is taking this vision and direction. There is a lot of potential, and I see the competitors may not realize how much momentum Lenovo has, maybe until it is too late.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Converged Infrastructure Application & Infrastructure Modernization