Lenovo Takes the Worry Out of IT with Its TruScale Service

GettyImages-878980416Today, Lenovo announced Lenovo TruScale, a new IT subscription service with a wealth of benefits for businesses seeking to offload the complexity of IT, thereby freeing resources to focus on higher-value activities. In other words, Lenovo takes care of the day-to-day minutia, and IT can free up the resources to focus on maximizing the value of their data and competing in the newly proclaimed digital economy.

While Lenovo is by no means the first on-premises IT vendor to offer a subscription service, several aspects of TruScale are poised to offer tremendous value. In particular, TruScale’s breadth and versatility stand out. For example:

  • Lenovo TruScale is an on-premises IT infrastructure subscription service where consumption is metered and billed monthly. Pay only for what you use, not what you think you might use.
  • Lenovo TruScale extends across both its ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolios, across both storage and servers, further reducing the burden on IT.
  • Lenovo installs, and then proactively monitors, manages, and maintains the infrastructure under TruScale. This frees personnel to focus on higher-value activities such as digital business initiatives.
  • Lenovo is offering global deployment options. By not limiting the offering to a specific region, larger global organizations can standardize on a solution and have the same option available wherever they do business.
  • Scale capacity up or down with access to the latest Lenovo technology. You don’t have to worry about how new offerings will impact the IT environment. Lenovo manages the design and the roll out.
  • No minimum capacity commitment. – This is important.

Among all the valuable aspects of TruScale, the no minimum capacity commitment may be the most impactful. By reducing/eliminating the commitments, the risk to IT is all but eliminated. You don’t have to forecast future infrastructure consumption, and then pay extra when your forecast is off. Lenovo works with you on the forecast, and if its wrong, they pay for it, not you. This benefit not only reduces the cost of the offering, but also further reduces the burden on IT personnel.

As business become more digitally driven, IT effectiveness impacts profitability. Effectively harnessing the value of your company’s data, while still expending energy to manage and maintain systems by traditional means, is unsustainable in the long term. And, while leveraging public cloud resources can help, on-premises infrastructure is often still necessary.

The bottom line is that addressing on-premises IT complexity is essential to success in the modern digital economy.

A subscription-based service should offload the most amount of work from the IT staff, while simultaneously reducing both the cost and the risk of the resulting solution. From that perspective, Lenovo’s TruScale offers tremendous potential.   

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