Let’s Start at the Beginning—Who are You? We are The Identerati!

GettyImages-1295580690The identity and access management ecosystem has come a long way in the past decade, invigorated by cloud identity, customer identity, mobile identity, and open identity standards. Industry incumbents and cloud providers have made significant investments to support scalable, distributed, multi-factor enabled and decentralized identity systems.

In my first (and exciting) week at ESG, I met with a series of sharp-minded entrepreneurs and newly funded startups that are tackling the complexities of authorization, access governance, and multi-cloud identity orchestration.

The good news for these vendors, based on our recent ESG Research Report: Trends in Identity and Access Management, when we asked buyers and influencers about their likely strategy for securing access to their public cloud applications and infrastructure services, it is clear that 75% intend to buy from vendors in addition to their cloud service providers (also referred to as IdPs):


I am planning research in the second half of 2021 on the identity perimeter. Interested in identity? Who isn’t!

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