Lobsters with a Side of Virtualized Storage Performance

If you're in the IT industry and you live in New England and you haven't heard about the Summer Slam, you should definitely consider attending this awesome event. If you've attended in the past, you've experienced the value of hanging out with your peers at one of the largest regional IT end-user groups in the country. Besides the knowledge that you gained from presentations from industry experts and vendors at the show, I'm sure you appreciated the great lobster boil that's free for qualified IT users. During my 11:00 session, you’ll learn about trends, technologies, tips, and tricks from the field based on ESG Lab hands-on testing in virtualized environments. And you’ll leave with a list of freely available storage benchmarking tools, best practices, and benchmark results with a goal of optimizing storage performance in your virtual environment.

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Lookin forward to joining you for some lobstah,


Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration ESG Validation Services