Managing Diverse IT Environments with NetApp OnCommand Insight 7

I’m a huge proponent of HTML 5 – it’s sleek, responsive, and meant for the modern, mobile world. It’s not surprising that more and more consumer-based websites have made the transition, especially with the explosion in mobile device usage in the recent years. The one area where I would love to see more adoption though is in IT, specifically around infrastructure management.

When it comes to managing a big infrastructure, there are a ton of management interfaces out there. Some are vendor specific. Some are hardware specific. Some are plug-ins. My beef with all of them is quite simple: I just want to be able to do everything from one screen. And from that one screen I want to be able to get whatever it is that I need to get done as quickly and correctly as possible. I’m not crazy in thinking this, right? In this day and age, a management interface should be smart enough to know what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and the easiest way for me to get it done. I don’t care how many hardware vendors I have in my IT shop, I just want one piece of software to manage them all. And that software should be able present data to me as intuitively as possible to make my life easier.

NetApp understands those wants and is making great strides in addressing them. They’re in the process of converting their OnCommand Insight platform from a thick, java-based client, to a thin, HTML5-based client. With OnCommand Insight 7, all the benefits of managing a diverse, virtualized infrastructure are still there, but now it’s faster, more responsive, and packs an added bonus of a Cassandra database. You’re probably thinking, wait a minute? Cassandra? As you can imagine, in any IT infrastructure, all of the components are constantly generating a ton of data, whether it be physical hardware or virtual machines using that hardware. Imagine how much useful information can come from all of that data. With the added power of a scalable, database management engine like Cassandra, Insight 7 can capture all that insightful data in real-time and pinpoint where IT should focus their attention.

We recently completed an ESG Lab Validation, NetApp OnCommand Insight 7, with a focus on understanding the new benefits of manageability and advanced, real-time analytics. We were able to easily manage and monitor a multi-vendor environment with different server, network, and storage resources. With the Cassandra database, we captured real-time performance metrics from those resources and did root cause analysis to easily identify a performance anomaly. And we also validated the other areas where Insight has been known to perform well, specifically around resource utilization monitoring by business unit, tenant, and application to help justify business purchasing decisions based on actual usage.

I definitely recommend checking out the full report to learn about all the cool, new things OnCommand Insight 7 is bringing to the table.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Cloud Services & Orchestration