Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS)

The way IT consumes infrastructure is experiencing a rapid change as ESG shared in an infographic: Why ICP? A Practical Guide to Integrated Computing Platforms. The success, measured in billions of dollars in revenue generated from companies like VCE and Cisco/NetApp FlexPod, demonstrates how businesses have gravitated to a simplified consumption model. Additionally, VMware put its stamp on the market introducing its EVO family of solutions and called further attention to hardware choice and alternative software-defined architectures.

I posted a blog back in August 2013 advocating for Microsoft to jump into the market and, a little over a year later, it has with the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS). I go into further detail on the significance of CPS in the ESG brief, Microsoft Cloud Platform System Powered by Dell and how on the outside this may look like a packaging of existing Microsoft software snapped on top of Dell gear, but Microsoft is ultimately helping IT change the way it thinks about delivering IT services and challenging traditional IT infrastructure deployments.

Please give the brief a read and see why it’s the shift in IT service delivery, business consumption, and legacy IT vendor business models that are the most intriguing implications of the announcement.