Microsoft Ignite In Lockstep with Business Transformation

MSIgnite1After attending the inaugural Microsoft Ignite 2015, I consider it a must attend event for IT professionals. For those that choose to judge Microsoft based on a historical view, I promise that your eyes will open up if you look at some of the recent results Satya has put on the board since starting as CEO. Microsoft demonstrated a strong belief and passion for IT and business transformation and the results are starting to show.

The most profound change is the consistent message that Microsoft is stringing through the different internal business units stitched back to an IT and business transformation message. Microsoft is changing the way it operates internally and the results are being seen in the message that it is sharing with its customers and the industry at large. While the company aligns with the industry trend of a mobile-first, cloud-first strategy and business transformation, Microsoft’s ambitions center on:

  • Creating a more personal computing experience – Mobile-first strategy to create optimal human experience across all the devices, with Windows 10 front and center.
  • Building an intelligent cloud – cloud-backed for devices, apps, and data. Distributed infrastructure that supports the variety of applications.
  • Reinventing productivity and business processes – built for dual use to span work and personal lifestyles. Communication and collaboration projected into business processes.

MSIgnite2Microsoft has changed its tune and has started to condition the market on not only what is coming down the road, but also mapping it right into how business can plan to improve process and end-user productivity as well as simplify IT operations. The strategy is resonating, but one of Microsoft’s biggest risks in the market is old school IT. If the ITDM continues to view Microsoft as the blue screen of death company or technology partners only see them as the midmarket play, trouble could loom on the horizon.

The pace of change at Microsoft is fascinating to watch. The new normal is trending towards a friction free technology and business marriage that embraces automation, leverages cloud as a process (not a destination), and a seamless computing experience that connects businesses and personal workspaces.

If you still have your doubts, stay tuned for ESG research that we will share that shows how Microsoft is regaining strategic value inside the business, and that IT decision makers consider Microsoft critical to their success of achieving business goals over the next three years.

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