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Welcome to “The Net of Networking,” a blog from my new analyst post at ESG where I join seasoned ESGer Bob Laliberte to expand ESG’s networking coverage. Please check my bio or Linkedin profile if you are interested in my background or experience, but suffice to say, I’ve been involved with network architectures for almost 30 years so have seen plenty of network technologies and companies come and go! So you know what to expect, I’ll be focused mostly on network service provider and enterprise networking topics such as wireless access (Wi-Fi and mobile), carrier applications for SDN and virtualization, application and network performance management and network optimization.

Back to this blog, I debated whether to call it “Network Depot” to weigh-in on a broad range of networking topics, or “Net of Networking” to focus in on what I’d expect to be most readers’ key issues and bottom lines, but will try to do both so please let me know your thoughts and what you want to hear about. In addition to conversations on macro-trends, I’ll discuss industry players and what does or doesn’t make them "movers and shakers" in networking.

“May you live in interesting times” seems to aptly describe the current state of our networking industry. Technology and industry convergence are fueling a new networking cycle not seen since the Internet boom. The amplitude and period of this yet unnamed market cycle is debatable, but it's still early days with very interesting times ahead. What do you think the history books will call this period in networking? A few conversation starters follow, so please weigh-in! Cloud Networking? SDN+? Wireless 2.0? Net Virtualization? Hyper-converged networks? Globalized ICT consolidation? Gen X networks? Or perhaps Network Softwarization? (yuk!).

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