NetApp's Change: In Conversation with John Rollason (Video)

The positive changes at NetApp over the last few years have been impressive and hard to ignore. One can argue about what is chicken and what is egg in terms of strategy and execution, but the bottom-line results speak for themselves. 

On a recent visit to the UK, I had time to pop in to NetApp's Uxbridge headquarters and chat through the topic of 'change' with John Rollason, NetApp's European marketing lead. The interview is pretty much unedited, but broken into two logical parts:

  • Part 1 is rather more focused on changes within NetApp - its turnaround, if you like, which is still very much based on its success as a storage company, albeit now one with a cohesive "Data Fabric" messaging construct to promote and develop.
  • Part 2 starts where Part 1 leaves off - NetApp's increasing greater embrace of the cloud in many forms - and looks more at the bigger IT canvas on which NetApp paints. Who sells what in this emerging world and is the opportunity for a "Data Authority" bigger than it ever was for a "Storage Best of Breed"? 
Topics: Storage