NetApp's Insight Event is Insightful re NetApp - includes video

Last week saw the 14th edition of NetApp's Insight event...and the first to officially open its doors to users, media, and analysts. Keen to stick to its technical roots, the vendor kept the production values of the event at a workman-like level rather than piling on the flashy marketeering. WIth the resulting high levels of candor from—and access to—key NetApp personnel, the event was compelling. More important perhaps, a lot of the PowerPoint promise of NetApp's emerging vision of recent years seemed to finally coalesce and make sense. What were the key aims and take-aways? The following 6 minute video should serve to answer that question:

So, hybrid cloud—with layers of choice and heteogeneity—is the name of the game. Suddenly NetApp looks well poised—of course those in the company that have lived through the last few years when its vision and long-term relevance have at times been questionned might say that "suddenly" is a bit like the entertainer that is an "overnight success" (where "overnight" actually describes decades of effort)! But, with the seemingly subtle, but actually seismic shift from storage to data management, NetApp might well be an overnight success for the second time!

Topics: Storage Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI