NetApp's Insight- ESG's Take on a Full Event  (Video)

Peters-Sinclair-NetApp-Insight-2020NetApp's annual Insight event wrapped recently. Right off the bat, I must record that I thought this was a lesson to many other vendors about how best to run a digital event. It was fast-paced, enjoyable and easy to watch. And that matters; the best content in the world is wasted if a vendor has poor and/or boring presentations...NetApp did a stellar job of embracing the new medium. Luckily, the content also did not disappoint. In the video below, Scott Sinclair and I discuss some of our key takeaways.

Without repeating everything here, let me focus in on just a couple of aspects of the 'full' nature of the event mentioned in the blog title. Firstly there was the full complement of leading public cloud providers - Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft - as an active part of Insight; and moreover all were represented by senior leaders. And, while the main strategic thrust of NetApp was unchanged - to be "the cloud storage specialists" - the degree to which it continues to fill out its "innovation ecosystem" was broadly, and specifically,  evident. NetApp has always been a vendor aiming at best-of-breed status within the storage and data arena... it is clear that while this ethos has not changed one iota, its execution has transitioned to more than meet contemporary hybrid-cloud-IT needs and relevance.       

Topics: Storage Cloud Services & Orchestration