Network engineers are not an endangered species


Networking pros have plenty of job opportunities ahead, provided they're open to learning new skills.

As the IT industry goes through another period of change, there have been a lot of questions on the future of the network engineer. I think it's good to ask those questions, but network engineers will need to adapt to the evolving IT environment. Here’s why.

First off, companies will always need networking. Even if data centers disappear and get sucked into the cloud, you still have those darn users, and those users have devices and those devices need to connect to the network.

Thus, campus networking will always be necessary since end-users access the network from the edge. In some dream world courtesy of Nokia or Ericsson, all of your next-generation local devices would have some 5G wireless connection to the mobile network. But more likely, you will connect those devices to some WiFi access point much of the time, which has to connect to some campus switch, which in turn gets connected to some router.

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