New: Solid-state Storage Market Landscape Report

Sometimes it seems as if there's an inverse relationship between the amount of industry 'noise' about something and the degree of user clarity about the choices, uses, and value of that something. So it is with solid-state storage.

Solid-state storage has been a venerable (yes) niche market for decades, highly valuable to a small group of vendors and users alike; but the advent of NAND flash, together with software management tools, has catapulted it to center stage in the last few years. Everyone is talking about it, but the levels of broad understanding have not risen in step with the noise. Amidst all the furor, what's real? What is the range of options? What applications are suited for what type of solid state? Deployed where in the infrastructure? What value can be gained?

These are the kinds of questions that motivated my recent Market Landscape Report entitled "Solid-state Storage: The Case For, Types Of, and Purchasing Considerations." As you'd expect from ESG, it's written in a straightforward and engaging manner-it's designed to inform and explain rather than to be placed in an academic journal. For ESG clients and registered users, it's available here.

I'll also publish some selected 'headlines' from the report in this blog column over the next few weeks.

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