Nutanix Delivers Invisible IT, but Highly Visible Cloud and Modern Application Environments with Acquisitions

Bob Still FrameNutanix held its annual customer event, Nutanix .NEXT, in New Orleans this year – kicking off the event with a Mardi Gras-like parade, complete with band and floats. That was followed by a pair of customers welcoming the crowd to New Orleans! Nutanix has been growing rapidly and the event has been maturing as well, this year attracting over 5,000 attendees. It would seem that its message and solutions are resonating with customers and Nutanix continues to roll out new capabilities that further enable its customers.

Nutanix is focused on making IT invisible, but what does that really mean? Well, it means creating solutions that are so simple to use that many of the significant tasks only require a single mouse click. Basically it wants to abstract all the complexity from IT and simplify operations. It has applied this principle to HCI, moved to the data center, and now has its sights set on cloud and multi-cloud environments.

To facilitate this move, Nutanix has made some acquisitions to enable its customers to have greater visibility and understanding of their cloud environments in order to optimize them. Announcements based on these acquisitions include:

  • Beam. This is a milestone for Nutanix as it is the first SaaS offering from the company. You may be aware of this solution because it is the result of the Minjar acquisition. It is important because it will help organizations gain deep insight into their public cloud environments and enable them to optimize existing and future services for cost and compliance. Essentially, this software crawls all your cloud environments and provides a comprehensive view of all the services you are using. It can then enable you to understand if you are in compliance and compare the cost of the services being utilized.  Over time I would expect it to provide a cost and compliance comparison between the public cloud and a Nutanix cloud –  either Enterprise or Xi based.
  • Netsil – This was another acquisition by Nutanix to deliver cloud-based application performance management to its customers. Netsil is what I would refer to as a digital-native company. By that I mean it built its solutions based on modern cloud-based design rather than legacy client server apps. It is designed to help organizations gain visibility into highly complex container or microservices environments so organizations can effectively manage these rapidly growing and intricate environments. Moving forward, I would expect to see tighter integration with Nutanix Flow to ensure all the services identified can leverage micro segmentation in an automated fashion.

The Beam solution is available today and I expect Netsil will be integrated and rebranded shortly. The focus of both of these solutions is to help Nutanix customers accelerate the adoption of and further simplify their cloud environments.

It was also great to see all the Nutanix networking partners in the expo hall this year. While many people think of HCI and cloud as just compute and storage, the network still plays a critical role. From a network perspective, Nutanix offers a wide range of network solutions from organizations like Arista, Big Switch, Mellanox, and Plexxi (in alphabetical order). Mellanox actually introduced a new half rack switch specifically for Nutanix at the event.

The event provided great access to the Nutanix executive team who are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential to build a $3B company in just a few short years. The potential is there, but Nutanix will have to execute and stay focused on providing great solutions for its customers.

For more information on the Nutanix event, check out blogs and videos from ESG analysts Mark Peters and Mike Leone, and my event wrap up video focused on networking.

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