Networking education: leave your comfort zone

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Breadth makes more sense than depth in today's IT environment.

If you're a network engineer looking to advance your career through certifications, self-study, or going back for a degree, you might wonder whether to go for breadth or depth in knowledge.

In this age, network engineers should focus on adding expertise outside of their core networking skills. Corporate environments are changing with SDN, the increasing importance of network security, and networking's growing role as the glue to connect modern container applications. Being isolated in a networking only silo may no longer work. You’ve heard of full-stack developers. Why not be a full-stack infrastructure professional?

Vendor certifications

Getting a vendor-based certification — whether a well-known Cisco certification like CCNA or CCIE, or a Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) — is an obvious way to keep yourself current, acknowledged by your current or future employer, and practical. If your employer gives you financial support for earning them, I recommend you take advantage of that. 

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