Looking Forward to Open Networking Summit 2015 – Boldness Be My Friend


Open Networking Summit is coming up soon. The topics covered are broad, ranging from software-defined networking (SDN) in enterprises to service provider adoption of SDN/NFV. We’ve seen strong representation from academia in its early dates and telco requirements have also been covered in recent years. This time, there is a new spotlight on enterprise use of SDN. The keynote panel of SDN in Enterprises has speakers from Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, NSA, and Samsung SDS (a services group).

Let’s see what else at the conference will focus on the enterprise topic.


I’ll be chairing a session on SDN in Enterprise – SDN WAN, with speakers Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Chief Technology Officer, Packet Design; Sharon Barkai, Co-Founder, ConteXtream; Todd Krautkremer, CMO, Pertino; and Ian Haight of Freewire Broadband.
SDN has been gaining traction in large-scale service providers in web services (Microsoft Azure, Facebook, Google) and telecom providers (AT&T), but enterprise adoption has been relatively slow. We want to investigate whether SDN WAN may be a killer app that drives enterprise adoption.   
There are many companies in this space: Aryaka Networks, Cisco, Citrix, CloudGenix, Ipanema Technologies (now part of InfoVista), Riverbed, Silver Peak, Talari Networks, VeloCloud, and Viptela.

Enterprise Campus:

There is another session on Enterprise SDN adoption, with a talk on SDN in Enterprise Campus with speakers from Asurion, Extreme Networks, Google and Meru.

Solution Showcase

There will be a solution showcase, where companies demonstrate use cases collaboratively. This is a bit different from one-vendor exhibits in some trade shows, since it shows how technology from different companies are combined to create a solution, so it’s of great interest for end-users. Here are a few examples for data centers and enterprise that I’m curious about.
  • Assuring Quality of Service for Real-Time applications using SDN – by Dell, Microsoft, and NEC
  • Rich Network Services based on SDN/NFV Model in a Federated Public Cloud by Avi Networks, Cisco Systems, and OneConvergence
  • Transforming how Service Providers deliver Networking-as-a-Service to Enterprise customers using SDN and Cloud by Brocade, Elbrys Networks and Tallac Networks.

 See you in Santa Clara.



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