OpenStack Analyst Day 4/15/2013 - Portland, Oregon

Jonathan Bryce and Mark Collier started off the day talking about the impressive changes in interest and contributions to the OpenStack software. Just quarter over quarter stats from Q4’12 to Q1’13 when they went from 148 member companies to 189 and 175 developers to 252. Also just this past week Juniper and Erikson joined as Gold members with Juniper’s code seeing adoption already through their partnership with CloudScaling. Jonathan and Mark presented their strategic vision that includes three focuses for the OpenStack platform ecosystem – tech, users, and innovation.

Most of the rest of the day was filled with OpenStack customers who have built various forms of private and public clouds based on OpenStack. IBM, HP, and Rackspace all shared some thoughts on their public cloud implementations. Which included some of the challenges – such as having to add their own elements for portals and orchestration as well as synching their releases with OpenStack.

We also heard from SUSE (in the meeting) and Redhat (via there announcement) yesterday – both have their own variants of OpenStack available. Combine these versions with the manufacturers (HP, IBM, Dell) and we all of a sudden seem to be headed sideways when it comes to an open source standard. We asked questions about interoperability between the variants and they all seemed to agree it was needed but at least I didn’t hear any specific plans from any of them to actually build it.

What impressed me the most were talks shared by BestBuy, eBay, Intel, two NDA customers, and Comcast. They all have built working private clouds based on OpenStack. They all had big investments in Linux-based apps already (Centos and Ubuntu) and were aggressively looking for ways to increase efficiency as well as improve costs. Intel in particular was driving their way towards a federated, interoperable, and single-sign-on hybrid cloud with the ability to burst.

A couple of interesting random notes that bear mentioning – VMWare and EMC were both at the event as either session speakers or to learn more. HP claimed to have over 200 at the event showing their commitment.

I’m looking forward to hearing and learning more over the next few days – hopefully I’ll meet some of you or hear from you so we can continue the conversation.


Topics: Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration