Oracle: IaaS, Private Cloud, 12c, and Exadata X3

Larry Ellison’s keynote proved to be packed with announcements to open Oracle Open World 2012. They included:

  1. Oracle will become an IaaS provider for customers looking for this consumption model. Larry made it a point to say that they already are a SaaS and a PaaS provider and it made sense for them to offer customers an IaaS option that runs on Oracle hardware.
  2. Customers can also get the same IaaS consumption model on-prem with its Oracle Private Cloud offering. This is an Oracle managed on-prem solution for companies that want the value, but want it in their data center. Oracle owns the upgrade, maintenance, etc.
  3. Oracle unveiled 12c multi-tenant database. I’m no expert here, but the premise is the same set of tools and process without having to manage and maintain multiple database instances. Ask ESG guru Evan Quinn if you want to learn more.
  4. Exadata X3 was announced as a “mine is bigger than your solution.” Yes, Ellison stomped on EMC and SAP here--making giant comparison claims in performance and more importantly price.

Jumping into IaaS makes a ton of sense for Oracle since the majority of what they do comes at the application level and the databases customers run require a tried and proven platform. I suppose it is possible to run Oracle applications and databases in an Amazon cloud, but is anyone going to do that in a true production capacity? I also like how they can bring IaaS on prem with the Oracle Private Cloud. It demonstrates IT willingness to get serious about cloud and truly change the consumption model.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Networking Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Cloud Services & Orchestration