Oracle Sees Multiple Journeys to Cloud Computing

Technology_City.jpgWhen discussing the adoption of new technologies, we often talk about a journey or some required organizational transformation.  That is easy to visualize if there is one destination.  VMware once had a journey to IT-as-a-service, and continues to offer operational transformation services to continue that journey.

But what if there is more than one destination? 

At Oracle Open World 2016, Dave Donatelli, EVP, Converged Infrastructure, envisioned 5 different journeys with different destinations. We're not talking of 5 different stops in a single journey, but different destinations and methods to use depending on the business, hardware, software, workload, or compliance requirements.

When we talk of going to the cloud, we often think of some nirvana where everything is sucked into a public cloud. That may happen in some distant future, but pragmatically speaking, it's not something I envision in the short term.

The implication is that there is a different set of skills, run-books, compliance audits, architectural designs, and security stance required to meet these different journeys.  This doesn't apply solely to Oracle. It's going to happen to those who choose a hybrid cloud such as those enabled by Azure Stack (with hardware from Dell, HPE, or Lenovo, for example), which brings in its own infrastructure requirements. 

I suspect that with many journeys, organizations may suffer from paralysis with a trap of too many choices, and do nothing. Alternatively, it's easy for every group in an organization to lean on the crutch of inertia to say, "I'll just do whatever I'm doing, and claim I'm on a cloud journey."  An eager organization may jump on every single cloud trend. None of these will offer a good result.

It's still important to understand:

  1. the top level business goals.
  2. the type of operational or organizational transformation the entire organization desires to achieve based on those goals.
  3. the few appropriate journeys.  

A large organization may have many journeys by the sheer effects of scale, but having too many journeys will be a huge burden for small- to medium-sized organizations.

I think this will lead forward-looking organizations to consider self reflection by assessing their true needs and applying the right organizational transformation services to figure out the right journey. This can be done by in-house resources, or outside IT consulting services.

Watch the recording of Donatelli here

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