Oracle's Big [Tape] Data - Literally Big News

There was 'big' news today from Oracle regarding its StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive - or more accurately the media that runs on those drives. In the first 9 months of the T10KC (as it tends to be called) drive's release, Oracle has sold enough media to store over an EXABYTE of data; they've assumed a not-unreasonable compression ration of 2:1 to reach that number by the way. I've used capitals just now because an exabyte is a lot of a very literal and traditional sense, that's 'big data!'

So, beyond the obvious, why do I say this is big news? There are three reasons -

  • The first point is indeed the exceedingly obvious: 1EB is a lot.
  • Secondly - probably still pretty obvious - is that the announcement is part of a continuing drumbeat that the tape industry hasn't curled up and died....quite the opposite: with the growth of data, archiving and long term [regulatory] retention all mitigating in favor of tape, many of the big players in enterprise tape (IBM, HP, Spectra as well as Oracle) are reporting solid business progress.
  • Third - and this might be surprising - is that it's refreshing to see Oracle come out with some detailed news about its storage business. For a company that is not exactly famous for being shy or unassertive (!), a surprisingly small proportion of [what I know to be] the considerable amount of good news it has in this area has made it out into the public arena. There are some other - reassuringly pugnacious! - library and drive market share claims in Oracle's release too.

So, big number, big market, big news.

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