2022 Predictions for Data Protection and Intelligent Data Management

With 2022 in full swing, I got a chance to sit down with my colleague Vinny Choinski to discuss what we expect to see from the data protection/intelligent data management market this year. Our predictions include:

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April Fool’s Day is Every Day for Cyber Criminals

When April Fool’s Day comes around each year, it’s human nature to be a little more on-edge than usual. Your guard is up, and you can’t completely trust anyone (even your closest friends and family). So, for the whole day, you take extra precautions, carefully opening the present your friend just “wanted to drop by,” and not believing there’s “cake in the break room” until it’s fact checked. While it’s fun to dedicate one day per year to April Fool’s Day, organizations of all industries must take these precautions… every day of the year. Cyber criminals are looking for a way to break through security defenses 24/7/365, so organizations must also remain on the clock, working to protect their most critical assets. But when it comes to cyberattacks and protecting your data, the stakes are much higher than whether the cake in the break room is real or not.

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An AWS re:Invent Recap: Key Services to Watch

Wrapping up the cloud convention year, with this year's re:Invent conference -- followed by a massive outage in AWS' US-EAST-1 region -- I decided it was time for a deep dive on a few of the cloud provider's recent announcements, particularly from an IaaS and PaaS perspective. See the quick-hit video with myself and Scott Sinclair below and the link to the longer blog over on TechTarget.

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The Bigger Truth (Video): Youngsters Reject Federal Work, Zoom Looks to Blur, and Bank of Ireland's Big Fine

Check out the latest episode of The Bigger Truth

This week, I share my thoughts on the following enterprise technology news stories:

Job seekers under 30 reject federal work, alarming lawmakers: https://searchhrsoftware.techtarget.c...

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Why the Cloud Application Security Space Is Heating up

Nearly two-thirds of respondents to the 2022 Technology Spending Intentions Survey from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a division of TechTarget, plan to increase spending on cloud application security in the next year. Startups are scoring record-setting funding rounds and valuations, while established vendors are announcing acquisitions and integrations to secure cloud applications throughout the software development lifecycle.

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The Bigger Truth (Video): VCs Splurge on Cybersecurity, Ericsson Acquires Vonage, & Who Needs 5G, Anyway?

Check out the latest episode of The Bigger Truth

This week, I share my thoughts on the following enterprise technology news stories:

Cybersecurity investments surge in 2021 as VCs go all in:

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Can’t Contain Our Excitement for… Containers

There’s something so convenient about USPS Priority Mail. There are a few standard box sizes to choose from and each of them has a set fee, no matter what you put in the box. There’s no guessing as to how much the package will cost to ship, regardless of how much it weighs and how far it’s going, and your package gets to its destination in 1-3 business days, much faster than if you were to ship it normally. Many organizations are adopting container technology for similar reasons that we use USPS Priority Mail. Standardization makes operations easier for most, and improves speed and agility.

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Thanksgiving with a Side of AWS

As many of you know, I recently left AWS. We are just a few days away from AWS re:invent getting started. The flood of announcements that have been coming out has been fast and furious this week. Honestly, I look forward to the announcements from the week before and the week after re:invent. This might surprise you, but my feeling is that the true innovation coming out of AWS is from some of the smaller services that don’t get the airtime of an Amazon S3, EC2, or EBS.

You might be asking, so what is going to be announced that gets you excited? Unfortunately, I cannot go into any of that till after next week or they will kill me (or at least sue me). But here are a few things, call them trends, that were talked about in the last two weeks that are interesting to me. You also might be very surprised that some of these “features” did not exist before. Many IT organizations can be surprised by assuming these features exist already. AWS definitely needs to “raise the bar” when it comes to explaining a few of these services and what's on the truck.

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Insights from Slack Frontiers 2021

I enjoy how this industry keeps pulling us in directions that challenge the norm and highlight the value of innovation. It has quickly become evident that connecting people over video is the low bar in creating immersive experiences for employees and customers. Remember back two years ago that not everyone was very comfortable on video and would frequently not even turn their cameras on. Fast forward to today and what I saw Slack highlight at Frontiers and you will see that video is one small piece of the way people interact, managers manage, and companies connect with customers. I appreciated how Slack used the below simple message at Slack Frontiers to provide inspiration across three very important constituents: teams, partners, AND customers.

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Unpacking Multi-cloud Adoption with ESG’s new Cloud Infrastructure and IT/DevOps Analyst

Did you know: Almost 90% of organizations leverage multiple cloud service providers?

Having just joined ESG from Amazon Web Services, this is not surprising to me. Did it surprise you? It shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Talking with 1000s of enterprises of all different sizes, different verticals, and different application stacks over the past, I have heard many legitimate reasons for using more than one cloud service provider (CSP). But I am getting ahead of myself, let me introduce myself.

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