Play The IT Percentages To Be A Winner

In my last blog, I covered some of the news from, and impact of, IBM’s Edge Event and Smarter Storage announcement. I deliberately withheld a few notes that I took at the event because I wanted to ensure that both that last blog, and now this one, would get some attention in their own right.

IBM is not only a very large organization but it is very connected to the business side of things through its extensive IGS engagements, its Smarter Planet desires, and its long-standing client relationships. Therefore, as one has come to expect from IBM, it painted a broad and convincing ‘backdrop’ canvas to the need for change – not just assertions, but research. I wanted to highlight a handful of these because they make (depending on your viewpoint) either very scary, highly refreshing, or truly motivational reading (perhaps all 3 if you are a very capable vendor or a very open-minded IT manager?!). Here are the key points:

  • 23% of IT projects are over time and over budget!!
  • Only 20% of IT organizations can (or do) allocate 50% or more of their budgets to innovation.
  • ‘Analytically savvy’ organizations are 2.2 times more likely to outperform their peers.
  • And amongst global CEOs, IT is – for the first time – viewed as the #1 external pressure on their achievement of business success; while 80% of CEOs expect more complexity in that regard, less than 50% believe that their organization has a plan to cope.

Even taking these numbers with a grain of salt (and there’s no reason to do so, but most of us love to stick our – corporate – heads in the ‘yeah, but… sand’), the four bullet point above sure would make a good start for the next brown-bag lunch or IT departmental off-site….not to bemoan or wallow, but to be honest and then to overcome. Oh yeah, and a little bit of glory is there for the taking in most places too!

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