Plexxi Draws Google’s Attention – and Money

software defined networkingPlexxi is one of those “intelligent infrastructure” companies I’ve been harping about as of late. And by intelligent, in this case I mean a network that can self-actualize and alter its very being based on real-time application and usage demands. It’s way cool.

And because I love to tell you “I told you so”, which I did over a year ago, I now get to rub your noses in it. This stuff matters.Google Ventures just plopped some big money into the mighty P, and Google Ventures doesn’t do infrastructure deals very often. Or almost never, I should say.

Why? Because smart networking at this level enables even smarter clouds to be built. Private, hybrid, or public, Plexxi is finding success bringing intelligence to those who need to be “cloud builders.” From massive government agencies to academia to the nuveau riche web scale elite.

Why? Because traditional hub and spoke, or spine and leaf, or sour cream and onion networks are not the way to build an intelligent hyper scale platform anymore. Those days are gone. Fixed networking is simply overprovisioned (expensive and poorly utilized) brute forced manual labor. And it can’t work in the new world order. Plexxi has solved the problem of enabling agility in the Infrastructure by creating a dynamic and elastic network. They’ve built in programmability that is defined at three levels - Application, Network Control and at the Physical network level. Could it be that Plexxi has redefined SDN and is now redefining networking? Yes, it could be.

Don’t believe me. Believe Google.

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