Pre Dell Technologies World Thoughts

It’s always fascinating to see how the truly big vendor events play out – and of course when it comes to Dell, “big” applies to both the vendor and the event. As such, DTW can be either or both a reflection and/or driver of the IT world.

Clearly, we won’t be talking about any of the actual news ahead of time, and just as clearly the tenor of the event cannot be determined today, but we can speculate, wonder and point out things we’d like to find out. That’s just what I asked my colleagues Scott Sinclair and Mike Leone to do – and you can see what they had to say in this short video. By way of a spoiler (although, perhaps, not really!?), they were not much focused on individual product introductions, important as those are within their own IT sub-ecosystems.

Returning to that thought about products, there will no doubt be product introductions aplenty; Dell (including its prior component iterations, notably, EMC World) probably could hold a World Record or two in that regard! But it is not the individual components that matter in the end – it is the IT and business vehicle(s) that get envisaged, built, and delivered. It is philosophy more than products or even portfolio.

On to Vegas….         

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