Predictions for Big Data & Analytics in 2016

I woke up the other day to discover that it was still February 2nd — clearly I'm trapped in the Groundhog Day loop. Must check my code for recursive logic. One symptom is having to make predictions about what will happen today based on what happened yesterday. I recently published a video to explore how the big data and analytics market is repeating some of the patterns of the past year, only more so.

Three themes (re-)emerge here:

  • Big Data and IoT overlapping (and Gene Signorini joining us to focus here!)
  • A shift to increasing big data usability, not just advanced functionality
  • Applications will natively embed big data, not just link to it
  • The market is booming, but with consolidation with a few big players gaining ground

If you haven't seen our IoT predictions video yet, click here.

Video transcript:

Announcer: The following is an ESG 360 video.

Gene: I'm Gene Signorini and I'm here with Nik Rouda to talk a little bit about 2016 big data predictions. So Nik, as the guy focused on IoT I always look at big data as one of the engines really powering the Internet of Things. So I'm kind of fascinated about what's on tap for big data in 2016.

Nik: Yeah, of course big data, you've got to analyze all that IoT data. Big data has many other use cases as well. One of the things I think is going to be interesting in 2016 is there's going to be a little bit of shift in the market. So far we've been focused on technology, feature, function, how do I get more advanced analytics, more scale, more stream, and all those kind of operational qualities to it.

But the dimension that's been missing a little bit has been usability. A lot of companies have talked about democratizing big data and making it easy for anybody to use, but I don't feel like they've really delivered against that yet. And how hard it is to go find a good data scientist who can do all the PhD in machine learning, but can also talk business value? That's going to be difficult.

So what we do need to see is these technology platforms really become intuitive, easy to use, Apple-like quality in terms of, "Hey, I just swipe and click and now I'm getting insights." I think that's going to be one big trend as vendors start to actually deliver against that promise.

Gene: And that I imagine is going to make it easier for companies to unleash kind of the business value of that data?

Nik: Oh absolutely. It's going to be critical and I think part of that leads into my second prediction, is about the applications. You're going to see a lot more native interweaving of big data and analytics to all kinds of things. Just as IoT is going to be supporting industrial operations, shipping, all these kinds of daily functions you can see while you're walking down the street, big data is going to be powering that as well, and so it's really become an embedded piece of a solution rather than an objective in itself. And that's kind of my second major prediction is that shift coming. The third thing that I think will be interesting is one of the things we saw in spending intentions. Big data continues to boom. Analytics continues to boom. It keeps moving up the list of priorities, the list of spending intentions every year.

And this year, I think, that's going to be good. We're going to get more start-ups in the market innovating. We're also going to get the big players in the market starting to consolidate. So a little bit like you were saying, "New players coming in to IoT from an operational point of view." Here I think the traditional IT vendors are going to want to consolidate their position. They're going to want to own this and not be whitewashing their stuff with a big data label on it, but figuring out, "How do I build a complete portfolio? How do I build a complete solution? What are the partnerships I need? Maybe systems integrators or consultants that can help me do that embedding we've already spoke about." But those are the big things I see coming. 

Gene: That's fair to say that we're starting to see a little bit of maturity in the market then if we're starting to see that consolidation.

Nik: Bingo. 

Gene: Great. Well Nik, great predictions and if you haven't checked it out already, please take a look at our IoT predictions because I think there's a lot of commonality between big data, which is really powering the Internet of Things.

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