Predictions For Storage in 2017 (Video)


predictions.jpgIn all the excitement of Thanksgiving...that rolls to Black Friday...that increasingly seems to merge with Christmas, it's good to remember another tradition for this time of the's time to make some industry predictions!

The data storage industry is my main "beat" - and one way or another has been for three decades - so it is fascinating to watch it changing so dramatically. Some of the changes are probably somewhat obscured from those users that are - perfectly justifiably - still on the venerable "iterative-technology-generations-track," but the changes need to be watched closely by everyone because they hold huge potential for better business outcomes - which means that in a few years the traditional approaches to storage probably won't actually be a choice, even by default.

 I sat down with Steve Duplessie to chat through what's already happening in the storage world and what is likely to pick up speed through 2017 - as you can imagine, we had an energetic conversation, the highlights of which are captured in this under-five-minutes video.

 To boil it all down I think the singular prediction for 2017 (and the next few years) is not, as some might say, that storage takes a back-seat or becomes less interesting. Quite the contrary; as storage becomes increasingly part of a systemic approach to IT so its ability, when optimized, to contribute specific and measurable value (both in IT and business terms) will markedly increase. Users and vendors that "get" this will do well; those that don't will not. After all we are talking here about the data storage industry...whereas pretty much everything else in IT is replaceable and hard to truly differentiate, data - including where and how you store itreally matters. And that is not a prediction, it is a fact

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