Pure Accelerate 2018

Peters_Pure_AccelerateLast week, Pure took advantage of the historic Bill Graham Civic Center and auditorium to host its annual customer and analyst event, Pure Accelerate 2018. Accelerate is a good choice for Pure as 2017 marked its first year with over one billion dollars in revenue as an independent company. A feat it accomplished in 8 short years.

This was accomplished by not only getting new customers (300 alone in the last quarter) but also getting existing ones (they are up to 4,800) to expand their Pure estate to include other workloads and applications. Those customers include Cloud Providers and increasingly F500. According to Charlie Giancarlo, next to its customers, the most important reason for the growth has been focus. Everyone in Pure (known as Puritans) is focused on developing all-flash solutions that make it easier for organizations to consume, manage, and extract value from their data.

That fact was made evident during the event as Pure highlighted:

  • A complete family of Flash Arrays, Series X, with a zero dollar price premium.
  • Rapid adoption of the Flash Blade over the last 18 months.
  • The Flash Stack solution, which is a converged infrastructure solution leveraging compute and networking from Cisco.
  • Infrastructure specifically designed for AI/ML with the AI Ready Infrastructure (AIRI) in partnership with Nvidia GPUs and network from either Cisco or Arista, and the AIRI mini for organizations looking to get started, but with a lower price point.
  • The ability to consume Pure solutions as a service via Evergreen Storage Service or ES2.
  • Updates to Pure One to help organizations better plan and manage their Pure environment.

Moving forward I would expect to see Pure continue to innovate in the flash space as it emphasizes R&D efforts. Its continued expansion plans revolve around leveraging the channel to gain more market share in the cloud and SaaS space as well as Global 2000, and educating the market on next-generation use cases like artificial intelligence, genomics, self-driving, machine learning, and IoT. Also critical to the company, according to John (Coz) Colgrove, is that the company retain its innovative, customer-focused culture. This was a message echoed by Charlie Giancarlo and David Hatfield as well. Given the support from the top to retain the culture, and the overall energy and enthusiasm voiced by the customers for their solutions, Pure appears to have the right mindset and pieces in place to execute on its next billion in revenues.

For more insights on Pure Accelerate 2018, you can watch this ESG On Location Video featuring ESG's Mark Peters, Mike Leone, Alex Arcilla, Tony Palmer, and Scott Sinclair.

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