Pure Accelerate 2018 – Data Centric in the City (includes video)

Peters_Pure_AccelerateIf nothing else, Pure has, to date, managed to pick some interesting locations for its Accelerate conferences – this year the now-signature food trucks that exemplify the event were lined up right across from City Hall in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. I wrote ‘if nothing else,’ but of course that’s unfair, as Pure also always manages to have an excellent combination of style and substance.

I won’t steal the thunder of my colleagues in our ESG On Location video (who’ll cover some of the high points of news and insight from the event), but suffice it to say that there was more quiet confidence added to the usual noisier swagger at this year’s event than I recall from before. Some of that has, no doubt, to do with company execution – for instance Pure now has a presence in 400 of the G2000, is at a billion-dollar run rate, and is getting 70% of its growth from existing customers (the, changing, top 25 of which spend some $12 with Pure within the first 18 months for every $1 of initial spend).

Aside from its choice of pantone (!), Pure must be doing something right….

While having close to 5000 customers is good, Pure is likely just as pleased by the fact that 30% of those are in the cloud provider business. After all, as Charlie Giancarlo (the still relatively new CEO) pointed out, if the aim of IT generally, and Pure specifically, is to help optimally extract the “gold” from data then one cannot be worrying about the actual placement or application platform of that data: you need a “data-centric architecture” (DCA) – not one that only provides fixed flash for mission-critical apps, but one that can cover the gamut from “shared accelerated storage” (we could guess this bit!) to backup (yes, really, but this wasn’t on the guess-list) and be provided in a cloud-like consumption model.

As – to re-use my phrase from the video – Pure’s Act 2 really gets rolling, it was also good to see and hear that its obsession with the (good/right/optimum) customer experience has not been diminished. In this business, NPS is just as important as DCA, AI, IOPS or myriad other technical acronyms.

Meantime, if nothing else, I also wonder where the food trucks, Puritans, and orange-clad-hordes will be next year!?    

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