Pure Accelerate 2019: Blowing Out the Candles, but Lighting New Fires

pure-accelerate-2019Pure Storage turns 10 this year. It celebrated getting all grown up by moving its user Accelerate conference into a more regular venue than prior versions...although choosing a convention center that just happens to be in Dell’s backyard was no doubt deliberate!

Its focus this year was on a (the?) “Modern Data Experience.” While it was clear that not only Pure’s management software portfolio but also its partner ecosystem are expanding, what was also self-evident (from the keynote statements as well as product announcements) is that Pure Storage is content, at least for now, to stay true to its name with a pure storage and data approach remaining front and center.

Who can blame it? The company revenues are now over one and a half billion dollars, and all the bigger competitors are fixated, more or less, on the “orange company.” No other storage vendor has made as much monetary market progress this fast since NetApp, so it is in good company.

ESG’s On Location Video has my colleagues Scott Sinclair, Mike Leone, and Christophe Bertrand joining me to add both some insights into, and some color from, the event.



Topics: Storage