Pure Accelerate 2020: Building the Modern Data Experience

pure-esg-videoThis year, Pure Storage’s Accelerate Event went digital and the experience was impressive. While as an industry the transition from in-person to virtual events has deliver mixed results (so much so, I wrote a blog about it), Pure Accelerate 2020 was brief, to the point, and managed to simultaneously inform and entertain. If you don’t believe me, you can still check out much of the content still on Pure’s site.

And in the spirit of digital events, I collaborated with my colleague, Christophe Bertrand, to pull together a brief video on our impressions of the event and the announcements. Prior to COVID-19, my colleagues at ESG and I would often create a “man on the street” video at the event. This year, it's more of an “analyst from the home office” video. Hope you enjoy.


Some highlights from Pure Accelerate 2020:

Pure Storage CEO Charlie Giancarlo presented Pure’s vision to deliver a modern data experience focusing on three pillars:

  1. Secure the foundation and focus on flexibility - As businesses and IT organizations face uncertainty, leveraging technologies that offer security and flexibility can empower organizations to more quickly and easily adapt to change.
  2. Automate everything - Focus on technologies that maximize the value of human capital, a business’ most valuable asset.
  3. Status quo no more - COVID-19 can serve as a catalyst to create positive change within your organization.

As for the product announcements:

  • Pure Storage announced it is offering its Pure-as-a-Service for free for 3 months when you sign up for a 1-year contract.
  • Purity 6.0 for FlashArray, which introduces //FA Files which adds file storage, NFS, and SMB support to FlashArray to provide unified storage and increase the benefits to workload consolidation.
  • Purity ActiveDR offers continuous replication capability, helping to minimize recovery times and simplify protection with single command failover and non-disruptive disaster recovery testing.
  • With the Evergreen Storage subscription model, both //FA Files and ActiveDR are available via an upgrade and require no additional licenses and no added support costs.
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