Q: How many vendors does it take to protect all your data?

A: One-unless you're a masochist.

A lot of organizations are running different backup solutions – some manual and some automated - to deal with different kinds of data. One backup takes care of headquarters, another handles branch locations, yet another takes care of virtual machines. Different solutions for physical and virtual servers, and all with their own SLAs.

That's never really been the best way to handle data protection, but massive data growth and ubiquitous virtualization are making it REALLY disruptive. Not to mention expensive.

Quantum has a family of products that does the whole job, makes it easy, and streamlines storage and bandwidth needs in the process. They’ve been doing this stuff for a long time, and it shows. All the buzzwords you’re looking for are in it – virtualization, deduplication, granular recovery, it’s all there.

ESG Lab tested Quantum’s family of DXi disk backup systems, Scalar tape libraries, vmPRO virtual data protection software, and Quantum Vision management software scross a broad spectrum of central and remote office scenarios.

To see it all working together, check out this ESG Lab Validation: Quantum DXi Disk-Based Backup.

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