Quest announces NetVault XA -- which is absolutely gorgeous

I confess to have been personally blown out of the water by this new UI, when I saw it a few weeks ago. Many backup companies talk about ‘policy-based’ solutions and ‘ease-of-use’ – but what has come out of Quest looks more like a UI from a science fiction movie like Minority Report or video game than an enterprise backup vendor.

- Quest press release

- TechTarget article by Dave Raffo on NetVault XA

When asked about NetVault XA, I told TechTarget that “… if you can put everything behind a single UI and you get a unified experience, do you care which set of bits is touching components behind the scenes? I don’t think you do. You focus on the experience and whether you’re confident in the ability to protect and recover according to your SLAs.”

It will still be a while before we see its final realization of this UI and its management of NetVault and vRanger, so I personally hope that the ESG Lab will let me play with this one, which should be something to watch moving forward.

Congratulations and hats-off to the Quest folks, for what I personally think is the coolest UI in data protection. There have been other neat UI’s before … so please, Quest ... please make sure that the engine and actual functionality work as well as this UI is pretty. A ferarri car-body with a hamster wheel under the hood just can't happen! Until then ... we'll be waiting

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