Real World SLAs Blog Series #3: Downtime and Data Loss Business Impact

GettyImages-509051302In the last blog, we covered the increasing role of cloud in building a resilient IT infrastructure to prevent or negate application downtime or data loss. I would like to place the focus back on the business side of things and share some great research points from our recent Real World SLAs and Availability Requirements Research Master Survey Results set. Spoiler alert:  they are not pretty and should scare you!  


For end-users, the lesson is unfortunately very simple: lack of investment in IT in the areas of data protection and availability will inevitably result in significant business losses. It goes without saying that for these simple reasons, data availability and protection should by definition be C-suite and/or board concerns. Compliance and legal consequences are also and not surprisingly very visible (loss of accreditations, legal action). I expect that recent regulations such as GDPR will only exacerbate this specific risk moving forward. IT professionals should use these data points to foster conversations with business leaders.

For vendors in the business continuity, disaster recovery, backup, etc., spaces, extolling the virtues of technology and its ability to get the job done is very important. This is where clear positioning and messaging to technical audiences will help greatly. However, it is also very key to create powerful and educational messages for business leaders who may not readily understand the complexity of application availability and data protection, nor the risks of doing it wrong. In addition, they are the people who hold the purse strings – the same ones you can help protect!

Topics: Data Protection