What I Expect from AWS re:Invent 2017


AWS (Amazon Web Services) re:Invent is a large show. So large, in fact, that it won't fit into one venue. While not a crazy event like some consumer-oriented technology shows in Las Vegas, it has a key enterprise-oriented cloud show forum for understanding the scope of cloud computing solutions and integrated solutions from partners. While Microsoft has its main Ignite conference and splits off developers into Build, and Google has different conferences focused on cloud or developers, in this case, AWS puts it all in one venue. What do we expect here? Here's my snarky answer:

We expect a little bit of everything. AWS does not focus on one technology. It has everything from AI, voice interactions (Alexa), storage (S3), databases, networking, serverless, industry-specific solutions, and so on.

However, what's interesting is to look at the emerging trends as an indication of where they are going to invest. I say it's going to be in the higher level services. This falls into two cateogries:

  1. Business Productivity Apps. We already have apps like Chime, WorkDocs, and WorkMail. People state that AWS does not have an ecosystem of apps to draw on like Google or Microsoft, which in turn enables them to learn internally how to support apps. I think this will gradually change. You can argue that the Alexa platform is an ecosystem of apps for the next generation of interactions.
  2. Application Services and other app services. Also a light area right now but one that I expect to grow. Today we have AWS StepFunctions, API Gateway and Elastic Transcoder. I suspect that the customer-first philosophy of AWS will translate into making easy to write apps. We also have Game dev and Contact center services such as GameLift, Lumberyard, and Connect (Contact Center) that also fit into this category, although they are narrowly focused into specific verticals.

Of course, I would like to be pleasantly surprised with other announcements. I hope to see some of you there.

Topics: AWS re:Invent Cloud Services & Orchestration