RSA 2018: Securing (y)our Data, (y)our IT…and the World -- includes video

Peters_RSA_RecapThis year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco was held under the theme of “Now Matters.” To play off those semantics, one could clearly see the continuing shift in this industry from it being (in the past) all about matters of IT security, to (now) a world where IT security really matters. That’s not just playing with words - it’s impossible to over-state the importance of the endeavor that this event reflects and represents; but equally the burgeoning user needs and vibrant vendor competition creates a giddy atmosphere, in all senses of the word.

ESG’s experts are always trying to extract the key takeaways, and offer practical suggestions, for those users who are insecure (pun intended!) about what to do. In our On Location Video from RSA, you can hear from three of my colleagues in less than eight minutes:

  • Mark Bowker concentrates on the growing complexity and scale of the available solutions, while pointing out that there’s analytical value in all that data.
  • Doug Cahill takes that idea and considers how users can manage their ‘decision-plight’ by focusing maniacally on what’s really important to them.
  • Jon Oltsik challenges everyone involved to think less about technology per se and more about outcomes and process (it’s also a theme in his summary blog from RSA).
Topics: Storage Cybersecurity RSA Conference