ServiceNow - A Platform for More than Just the Service Desk

services.jpgI recently went to my first ServiceNow show, Knowledge17, and it certainly opened my eyes to the potential of the ServiceNow platform. First, I think that the size and scope of ServiceNow has flown under the radar of many in the IT industry. ServiceNow has over a $1 billion in revenue and Knowledge17 had over 15,000 participants, a huge number that rivals shows from Microsoft and VMware. There was certainly a level of buzz and excitement with the attendees and I think ServiceNow lived up to their expectations.

What impressed me the most was ServiceNow is clearly moving past its traditional service desk oriented target market. ServiceNow laid out four supported company personas: IT, Security, Customer Service, and Human Resources. Now, the core of its offerings is still around IT Service Management (ITSM) but the product set is moving into IT Business Management (ITBM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Application Development, and Performance Analytics. It's about simplifying and automating all the work that touches the application and service data that ServiceNow has within its platform.

That data, which drove the ITSM work, is the key for ServiceNow's future plans. It allows the expansion of their offerings, including the application of an intelligent automation engine on top of the data, enabling anomaly detection and performance benchmarking. ServiceNow is also adding vendor risk management, end-user cloud resource management, and software asset management to its portfolio. As ServiceNow stated in its keynotes, the team is focused on IT, with ITSM, ITBM, and ITOM.

I think the potentially biggest opportunity for ServiceNow is the application development platform it is fostering with the back-end application and service data it manages. By enabling customers and partners to have access to the ServiceNow data set, anyone can develop new applications that leverage and expand on the applications and services relationships that ServiceNow's back-end builds. The same platform that drives ServiceNow's product expansion can enable a host of rich applications. ServiceNow delivers not only a strong application development platform but also access to the data relationships that will drive the capabilities of the applications.

It certainly is an exciting time for ServiceNow. Service Desk and IT Service Management is just the beginning for ServiceNow. The platform will be an enabler for not only the growth of ServiceNow but also for customers and partners who will choose ServiceNow as their platform of choice going forward.  

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration