Simplivity Changing the Way IT Runs

If you are having any doubts about the IT infrastructure consumption model changing, Simplivity’s series C of $58 million should catch the attention of a lot of IT vendors and IT consumers. Consuming infrastructure piece parts that all perform a specific function and then spending an enormous amount of time integrating, troubleshooting, and supporting IT infrastructure, while fun and challenging for many IT professionals, is not the most efficient use of time nor investment dollars. Consuming a simplified infrastructure architecture that is turnkey, performs on par with or better than the existing hardware platform, AND includes features and functionality that are unattainable for many is where IT is headed.

Simplivity is right in the mix of the market and its timing is well suited to where IT shops are today with virtualization at all tiers and turning the corner towards cloud consumption models. Whether it is a hardware refresh, scaling the virtualized environment, or spanning resources to a public cloud provider, Simplivity is well matched to help in all situations. The fact that Simplivity collapses IT infrastructure is important, but it is everything else Simplivty can do out of the box that really matters. This includes data architecture features that deduplicate, compress, and optimize data locally in a cluster and extend the value with replication and WAN acceleration features, enabling IT to manage a globally distributed platform as a single system.

Simplivity is not alone in this market. Nutanix is often compared to them as are systems from VCE, Cisco/ NetApp Flexpod, HP, IBM, Dell, and Hitachi. The influx in market activity, investment flow, and IT consumer interest is creating some serious shifting of product and solutions teams inside IT vendors, new execution models, and heightened awareness around what simplified infrastructure deployment and maintenance means to a business.

IT isn’t going to re-platform its entire data center overnight, but when they do, expect this refresh cycle to be different than the past and be prepared to see server, networking, and storage collapsed into an easy to consume and manage platform.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration