SimpliVity OmniStack 3.0 - The Hyperconverged Power of 3

pyramidsNumerologists point to the significance of the number “3” as holding great physical and spiritual import. It is linked to multiplicity, creative power, and growth. Hyperconverged player SimpliVity is looking to tap into this triad of abundance with the release of OmniStack 3.0, a major operating system release for its OmniCube hyperconverged platform solution. 

Not surprisingly, there are 3 new capabilities that OmniStack 3.0 brings to the IT table:


1. Support for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) Environments

According to ESG research, many organizations are struggling with the costs and complexity of supporting IT infrastructure across their ROBO locations. Three of the top priorities identified by IT respondents to a recent ESG ROBO survey were to improve application performance, manage data growth, and improve backup and recovery processes. 
The challenge is that businesses often have a limited budget for their remote offices and they typically don’t have IT staff resources present in these locations. This means that centralized IT often has to pick up the administrative slack and, despite their best efforts, the day-to-day management of maintaining application performance, ensuring data protection, and containing data growth can be inconsistent at best. 
To help businesses put these operational issues to bed, and do so at a price point that is more in-line (no pun intended) with ROBO budgets, SimpliVity is announcing the availability of a two rack unit (2RU) CN-1200 OmniCube system. The CN-1200 contains all of the feature/functionality (Inline deduplication/compression, built-in data protection, non-disruptive hyper-scale performance) that is available in its data center CN OmniCube line, albeit at a price point that SimpliVity claims is 50% lower than competitive hyperconverged solutions. This can enable organizations to greatly simplify ROBO infrastructure management while addressing their concerns around inconsistent application performance, backup and recovery complexity, and unconstrained data growth. 

2. Native File Level Restore Capabilities 

OmniStack 3.0 offers the ability for IT administrators to perform native file level restores on individual VMs without having to resort to a full VM restore. While on the surface this may seem like a rather droll announcement, consider that businesses can potentially retire their existing legacy backup software and hardware infrastructure by utilizing the native on-board backup and restore capabilities available within an OmniCube system. Frankly, this could potentially help pay for the cost of investing in an entire OmniCube deployment. SimpliVity also points out with the release of 3.0, they are delivering enhanced backup policy management to help further improve operational efficiencies.

3. Hyperconverged Efficiency, Performance and Operational Guarantees

Guarantees can often come off as a bit of marketecture blather. However, SimpliVity currently has thousands of systems in production environments so they have a fairly robust sample size to draw from with respect to citing system availability, operational efficiency, performance, and so on. You can look at this as one of those “we’re putting our money where our mouth is” type of statements. As such, SimpliVity is essentially guaranteeing the following:

  • HyperEfficient - 90% capacity savings across all primary storage and backup combined.
  • HyperProtected - 60-seconds or less on average local backup or restore of a 1 TB VM.
  • HyperResilient - Zero data loss with a node failure and two drive failures on every other appliance.
  • HyperManageable - 60-seconds or less creation or update of backup policies for 1000s of VMs across dozens of remote sites from a single console.
  • HyperExtensible - Zero downtime, and no policy disruption, IP or backup policy reconfiguration, when expanding or replacing SimpliVity local or remote.

In addition to the new capabilities embedded within OmniStack 3.0, SimpliVity also announced a partnership with Lenovo to deliver cost-effective computing infrastructure in small, medium, and large OmniCube configurations. This helps complement their existing Cisco UCS offering to provide businesses with an even wider breadth of hyperconverged computing platform choices.  

As the hyperconverged market continues to heat up, SimpliVity is hoping that the 3rd release of their OmniStack operating system will be the charm that puts their already robust sales growth into hyper drive. 


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