SOAPA Discussion On EDR and XDR With Jon Oltsik and Dave Gruber (Video), Part 3

My colleague Dave Gruber is such a great guest that I invited him back for an unparalleled SOAPA video part 3. In our final installment, Dave and I talk about:

  • XDR deployment models. XDR deployment will be an iterative process, rolling out on a security controls replacement basis. Dave describes how organizations will have to pick a starting point and then integrate additional controls for incremental architectural benefits over time.
  • Who needs XDR? Dave and I agree that midmarket and small enterprise organizations with small security teams will gravitate to XDR sooner rather than later. We may see some industry affinity as well, in verticals like state/local government, education, healthcare, and others. 
  • XDR and the SOC. XDR won’t replace tried-and-true SOC systems like SIEM, SOAR, or threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) anytime soon so interoperability is key. The best XDR platforms will provide high fidelity alerts and forensic details to these traditional SOC technologies.
  • The future of SOAPA and XDR. As an architecture, Dave is bullish on SOAPA, believing it will continue to evolve and improve. XDR is a bit more of a wildcard, especially in the large enterprise market, but Dave and I agree that major technology suppliers are investing and resourcing XDR R&D and go-to-market efforts, so it’s likely to gain momentum. If XDR can fulfill its promise of improving security efficacy and operational efficiency, customers will come running. 


Thanks for participating, Dave, old buddy, old pal. More SOAPA videos coming soon!

Topics: Cybersecurity SOAPA