SOAPA Video with Arbor Networks (Part 2)

Oltsik_SOAPA_Arbor2.jpgIn the second part of my SOAPA video with Arabella Hallawell from Arbor Networks, we discuss:

  1. SOAPA technology integration. Arbor Networks partners with lots of network service providers, giving the company a bird’s eye view of Internet traffic. The company uses this position to monitor, collect, and curate threat intelligence through its ASERT team. As part of its network security analytics products and services, it adds CTI to give customers an understanding of malicious activities happening inside and outside of their networks. Of course, integrating internal network telemetry and CTI is one of the principles of SOAPA. 
  2. Coordination between security and IT teams. Arabella reminds viewers that security operations is really a collaborative effort where the security organization defines policies or detects incidents but depends upon the IT team to help remediate problems in a timely fashion. Arbor Networks works with its parent company NETSCOUT to provide common visibility into devices, networks, and security anomalies.
  3. Security operations collaboration drivers. While it makes logical sense to move security and IT teams closer together, many organizations continue to isolate these groups with their own sets of goals, processes, and tools. Will anything bridge this gap? Arabella says that Arbor is starting to see these walls come down, driving by cloud computing and IoT applications.

Many thanks to Arabella Hallawell and Arbor Networks for participating in the ESG SOAPA video series. More soon!

Topics: Cybersecurity SOAPA