SOAPA Video with Bay Dynamics (Part 2)

Oltsik_SOAPA_Bay_Dynamics2.jpgJerry Skurla, CMO at Bay Dynamics, stopped by the ESG studio a few weeks ago to chat about SOAPA. In part 2 of our video, we discuss:

  1. The role of machine learning. Enterprise organizations are embracing artificial intelligence for cybersecurity but remain confused about what it does and how they benefit. Jerry talks about machine learning and its ability to understand “normal” behavior. When it does find anomalies, they can be further categorized into benign or real issues. In this way, machine learning can help reduce all the noise in security operations – a welcome advancement.
  2. Bay Dynamics integration. SOAPA is all about technology integration to turn independent point tools into a cooperative technology system. Jerry talks about how Bay Dynamics works with Symantec to back-end its DLP offering. He provides an example where a bank could reduce the number of DLP alerts per day, streamline operations, and finally get to triage all high priority events. Jerry sees further integrations in areas like CASB and GDPR.
  3. The future of SOAPA. I ask this question to all SOAPA video guests. Like me, Jerry sees SOAPA as the security operations glue that adds value out of existing security technologies. He also believes that advanced analytics will play a bigger role in SOAPA’s future.

Many thanks to Jerry and Bay Dynamics for participating in the ESG SOAPA video series. More videos soon!

Topics: Cybersecurity SOAPA