SOAPA Video with FireEye (Part 2)

Oltsik_Nguyen_SOAPAPaul Nguyen, VP of product strategy at FireEye, stopped by the ESG studio recently to talk about how the company is moving forward with SOAPA. In part 2 of our video, Paul and I chewed the fat on topics like:

  1. Security operations best practices. FireEye has vast institutional security operations experience, built on the back of managed services, professional services, threat intelligence expertise, etc. Given this, I asked how FireEye can build upon this knowledge in its product set. Paul mentioned that Helix has its roots in FireEye’s SOCs and managed defense offerings and is designed to provide a similar unified experience for the security analysts of its customers.
  2. The cybersecurity skills shortage. Paul agreed that this was a pressing industry issue that impacts FireEye as well as its customers. In fact, Paul founded Invotas with the goal of building software that helped machines supplement human skills and efforts. This objective became a reality in FireEye Helix. Paul also introduced FireEye’s vision of autonomous security operations where integrated systems and back-end analytics make and execute security decisions. Yes, we are a few years away from this, but FireEye is already thinking – and building -- with this direction in mind.
  3. Changing the market perception of FireEye. When cybersecurity professionals hear the name FireEye, they can’t help but think about anti-malware sandboxes connected to highly targeted threat vectors like email and web traffic. This nostalgic image doesn’t reflect today’s FireEye, however, so how does the company shift user perception to cybersecurity platforms and SOAPA? Paul said that it is incumbent upon FireEye to educate the market on Helix, which pulls all the pieces together into a tightly coupled and centrally managed architecture. 
  4. The future of SOAPA. Paul is enthusiastic and optimistic about FireEye’s SOAPA future. He believes FireEye will continue to mine its vast repository of telemetry, discover new insights, build new algorithms, and deliver this innovation to users through Helix. 

Many thanks to Paul Nguyen from FireEye for his time and wisdom. Look for more SOAPA videos coming soon. 

Topics: Cybersecurity SOAPA