SOAPA Video with SAS Software (Part 2)

Oltsik_SOAPA_SASStu Bradley, VP of fraud and cybersecurity intelligence, recently stopped by the ESG video studio to participate in our SOAPA video series. In part 2, Stu and I discuss:

  • Cybersecurity analytics readiness. SAS talks about analytics readiness, so I pressed Stu on what the company means. Stu spoke about preparing core security analytics models that act as a foundation and can be adjusted and fine tuned for new types of threats. In other words, SAS Software works to guide customers through the cyber analytics lifecycle so they can gain business value early and often.
  • SOAPA is all about modularity in terms of how different data types, analytics engines, and security operations platforms interoperate, working together to generate incremental value. SAS Software participates in many ways – at the data level, at the run-time analytics execution layer, and with an analytics workbench. Stu also talked about the cybersecurity skills shortage and its impact on security analytics. SAS Software’s goal is to arm SOC teams with strong cybersecurity analytics regardless of their experience or skills level.
  • The future of SOAPA. Stu agrees that most organizations are in an infancy stage regarding SOAPA. This puts the burden on technology vendors to provide out-of-the-box analytics that can act as an underpinning for customers. Stu foresees a future around a new type of “AI,” analytics integration. In this case, companies will stitch together analytics models from multiple technologies into contiguous model sequences. SAS Software believes it can provide the platform “glue” to make this happen.


Many thanks to Stu Bradley for participating in the ESG SOAPA video series. SAS Software adds a degree of analytics experience and thought leadership that really helps me push my thinking on SOAPA’s past, present, and future. 

Topics: Cybersecurity SOAPA