SOAPA Video with Siemplify (Part 2)

Oltsik_SOAPA_Siemplify2.jpgSiemplify, like other companies I’ve interviewed, is a security operations technology company. What sets Siemplify apart, however, is the background of its founders. This team isn’t composed of serial startup technologists from Silicon Valley, but rather cybersecurity experts from Israel. In fact, Amos Stern spent a good portion of his career as a security analyst, building SOCs, and training security personnel.

This knowledge and experience came through in part 2 of our SOAPA video. Amos stressed that:

  • SOAPA must be designed to support analysts’ needs and not just technology integration. SOAPA is a technology architecture so it’s easy to focus on things like data formats, APIs, and middleware. Amos was quick to remind viewers that SOAPA must also be about supporting those who use it like security analysts, forensic investigators, vulnerability managers, and penetration testers. This means bringing together the right data, presenting the data through an intuitive interface, and providing tools to manage workflows. Not surprisingly, Siemplify concentrates in these areas.
  • SIEM is a part of SOAPA but not SOAPA itself. Since ESG came up with SOAPA, we’ve had to explain where SIEM fits into the mix. Amos does a great job of articulating the role of SIEM and how SOAPA (and Siemplify) can support and enhance SIEM, bolster productivity, and streamline operations.
  • What about security operations automation and orchestration? There is a lot of activity and confusion in this area. Amos believes that security operations automation and orchestration should be a step-by-step process. It starts with collecting the right data and then maps the data to each step in a security operations playbook. Once all this is mapped out, organizations can view the entire process and determine where automation and orchestration are needed.

Amos ends the video by saying that large organizations want their security tools to work together through some type of centralized bus. Sounds like SOAPA to me!

Many thanks to Amos Stern and Siemplify for participating in the ESG SOAPA video series. More soon!

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