Solid-state Storage Speeds Savings and Profits?

Solid-state Storage (SSS) is definitely a 'hot' sector of the storage market these days. After a gradual uptick in adoption over the last few years (since versions of the technology have been with us for more than three decades!) it looks as if the 'hockey-stick' of user-embrace is now occuring.

This is driven by a number of factors - for instance the growing variety of implementations and types of SSS available, the increased knowledge and hype plays a role, and there is more sophisticated software to take advantage of the different deployments. It seems as if the 'need for speed' is driving the SSS 'Top Guns' throughout data centers.

However, one key point worth remembering is that few organizations have either the budget or the desire to buy goods of pure ostentation; SSS is not just about performance, but is also about the advantageous economic impacts of solid state. This is one of the areas covered in my recent Market Landscape Report on SSS, which can be found here. Solid-state is - generically - something that can, and should, help make money and/or save your business expense [Beyond that it's also cheaper than spinning disk to run, which is a nice bonus]. The focus for SSS should be business, not shiny-ness or raw specifications (other than as they apply to your business outcomes). It is not just about performance as an end in itself....that's a luxury few can afford. Instead, performance is a means to an end, whether that is contributing to the top line or bottom line of a business. All storage has an econominc underpinning and we forget that at our own risk. Solid-state can drive value, and speed savings - and that's a performance everyone can appreciate.

Take a look at the Report for more on this and SSS in general

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