Sorting the Big Data Hype from the Bigger Truth (Video)

Here at ESG, we keep exploring the broader big data, business intelligence, and analytics market space. We do this because there is a lot of hype, FUD, and confusion out there, and because we're just naturally curious dudes. Our latest report has just come off the printing presses (ooh, love the smell of warm ink!)

Check out the short overview video below or click here to access the full report.

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This study answers the following questions:

  1. What platforms and solution types do organizations currently use for BI/analytics purposes? What do organizations identify as their primary BI/analytics platform?

  2. How do organizations describe their satisfaction level withand subsequent loyalty totheir primary BI/analytics vendor?

  3. On average, approximately how much total data is processed as part of a typical BI/analytics exercise?

  4. What data analytics challenges have organizations experienced, if any?

  5. How many unique data sources do organizations need to integrate in order to support a typical data analytics operation?

  6. Do organizations have plans to deploy a new BI/analytics solution in the next 12-18 months? If so, what type(s) of BI/analytics solutions?

  7. What requirements are most responsible for driving the evaluation/consideration of new BI/analytics solutions?

  8. In terms of net-new BI/analytics deployments, what best describes the primary deployment strategy organizations expect to leverage?

  9. For those organizations usingor planning to useHadoop-based solutions, what droveor is drivingthat decision? 

Decision Analytics Report

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI