Stop Juggling Parallel Storage Silos

Does it make sense to run parallel storage infrastructures for all the tasks you need to do? A lot of IT managers are doing that – one infrastructure stack for physical servers, another for VMs, SAN for some applications and NAS for others, still more silos for backup, DR, etc. What a headache. And virtualization, while offering great benefits, often turns out to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

ESG Lab tested the Tegile Zebi, an all-in-one storage array built for virtualization that brings all these silos under control with a single platform, simple management, and even a single license for all its enterprise features.

It reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit - “It’s a floor wax! It’s a dessert topping! Wait, it’s a floor wax and a dessert topping!” But in Tegile’s case, the all-in-one concept really works. It works for SAN; it works for NAS. To keep capacity to a minimum it has both deduplication and compression, but can also optimize performance for both IOPS and throughput. Efficient? Check. Flexible? Check. Thin provisioning? Snapshots? Replication? Check, check, check.

Some IT managers actually shy away from virtualization for fear that aggregating workloads will slow things down. Zebi combines SSD and HDD in innovative ways to maximize performance, and also streamlines capacity for PRIMARY storage (not backup) – and does it inline, not after the fact, without impacting performance. Here’s an example of Zebi’s real-world, primary capacity savings:

For the hectic life of today’s IT administrator, an array like Zebi that does all that while also making it really easy to spin up 100 VMs or 1,000 virtual desktops with just a couple of mouse clicks is a lifesaver.

So if the balancing act of too many storage silos is wearing you down, check out ESG's Tegile Zebi Lab Validation.

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