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storage examTwo streams of thought came together for this post. The first is that — like many families — this is the time of year for school finals. The second is that there is enormous change going on in our industry right now.

Putting those two things together I wondered what questions we might put to ourselves about where IT generally, and storage specifically, is at.

There's one other thing you should know for context: I studied (a long time ago) Economics and Modern History. This is relevant because those are topics where there are always strong — sometimes even diametrically opposed — differences of opinion.

Unlike math and much of science, where there can be correct answers and empirical evidence, I was raised on a particular style of question, one that I think is well suited to my job today. While it raises a topic, and sometimes proffers a thesis, it does not directly suggest the answer.

Here's a couple of examples: 

  • The causes of World War II can be found in the peace settlement of World War I. Discuss.
  • Unemployment is an inevitable consequence of managing inflation when money supply is constant. Discuss.

There's always a controversial — or, at least, complex — idea. And then that word: discuss!

And so for the next few weeks and months (while our offspring enjoy a break from finals), let us test our thoughts and expectations about our industry and where it is heading. I am going to start the ball rolling with a few "IT and storage finals" questions that I like. I would really welcome comments, responses, and discussion.

Feel free to propose your own questions or even answers. Over the coming months, as an occasional series interspersed with my other posts on industry news and events, I will attempt to answer (or at least attempt to put thoughtful parameters around!) both my seed questions and others that readers of this blog and my colleagues at ESG suggest them. Please use the comments option below or feel free to contact me if you prefer. 

So, here's a few "hot potatoes" to get your mental cogs turning:

  1. Which storage media dies first — spinning disk drives or tape? Discuss.
  2. Thomas Watson, IBM's founder, is famously reputed to have said that he thought there could be a worldwide market for five computers; with the joint modern tsunamis of cloud and convergence, he just might yet be right. Discuss.
  3. The significant stand-alone pure storage company is an entity that will be effectively dead a decade from now. Discuss.
  4. If we ban IT employees from leaving work until they 'solve' the data protection conundrum at their employer, no one will ever go home. Discuss.

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